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Alleen 62mm op voorraad. Overige maten 2-3 weken levertijd.


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Cut the light reaching your sensor by 2-8 stops. The Phottix VND Variable ND Filter screws on like a regular lens filter and is completely adjustable. Do away with static ND filters and change density as the environment changes. The filter, made of Germany glass, is optimized to minimize vignette issues.

Focusing is much easier with a VND then with a tradition ND filter. Turn the ND down to focus, turn it back up to take the shot – much easier than taking a filter out of the holder and adding it back again.

How can a VND filter be used?
-Variable 2-8 stops of variable density
-Reduce brightness without affecting color or depth of field
-Enable slower shutter speeds to cause blurring effect in water, clouds or cars.
-Decrease depth of field by allowing large apertures to be used while keeping shutter speeds lower.
-For DSLR Video: Help optimize your shutter speed – keeping it double your FPS rate.
-When using film: Decrease the sensitivity of high speed ISO films in bright outdoor conditions.

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Grijsfilter Variable Neutral Density Filter

  • Merk: Phottix
  • Model: 45111
  • Beschikbaarheid: Op voorraad
  • € 29,95

  • Excl. BTW: € 24,75

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